Dan Miser

Dan Miser has been a professional software developer for 20 years. During that time, he and David Crawford ran a small route. Frustrated with the software options available, Dan created RouteBoost to manage their route. Knowing the power that it held, they took it to market where others could experience the benefits of RouteBoost for their company.

David Crawford

David Crawford became involved in the amusement industry in 2006 with Dan Miser as a startup operator of amusement games in a new sports bar. A communication major by trade, he started to view the operation and collection experience through the eyes of the player, location, and operator collectively. With Dan, he developed the concept of what eventually became RouteBoost to revolutionize that experience.

Louis Miele

Lou Miele is a third generation operator. He is very active in the amusement industry,  sitting on the board of AMOA, as well as, his state association board. Lou has been part of the TouchTunes advisory board for the past 10 years. He is always eager to speak with other operators to collaborate on issues facing our industry. 

Jen Marchese
Training & Customer Service

Jen Marchese has been very involved in helping Lou Miele with the amusement business prior to starting with MCM Elements. Her move to the customer support role was a natural fit with her prior experience. She has been an intregal part of product development.